Benefits of Engaging Religious Leaders

When faith leaders understand population issues, they can convey messages to the majority considering that 97% of Malawians are affiliated to a religion of some kind. This can ensure a significant impact of population and development efforts in the country.

Moreover, as religious leaders have readily available audiences, utilizing that opportunity to educate the masses about the benefits of family planning to individuals, families, communities, and the country as a whole can significantly lead to improvement in managing of Malawi’s population growth.

Furthermore, family planning information and practices that are supported by religious leaders and institutions are more likely to be accepted by the community. It is therefore imperative that religious leaders have accurate and appropriate information and skills to help their followers make informed choices on matters related to their health and well-being. Messages from religious leaders have real meaning to people and are often acted upon.

All these, however, rely on well informed religious leaders who can help direct followers choices and responsibilities, both on an individual level, and community level.