Technical Working Group (TWG) on Population and Development

The OPC established 16 TWGs of which the Technical Working Group (TWG) on Population and Development is one of them. The Technical Working Group (TWG) serves as a think tank for population related issues. The TWG is aimed promoting and strengthening efforts by population and development partners to ensure synergies and efficiency in designing and programming to realize sustainable development throughout the country among all government sectors, religious and civil society and the general public.

The TWG is chaired by MoFEPD’s Population and Development Unit and includes representatives from nearly every sector, in addition to key NGOs and FBOs. The TWG responsibilities include:

    • Participating in the development and implementation of the communication strategy and policy;
    • Serving as focal points for the communication strategy and policy implementation plan within their respective sectors/organisations;
    • Prioritising and advocating for population-related activities within their own sector/organisation;
    • Tracking their respective sector/organisation activities to ensure that population-related activities are occurring, and reporting back to the TWG; and
    • Meeting quarterly to review progress, provide guidance, and offer feedback.

Click here for TWG reports and here for the quarterly TWG newsletter.

List of TWG members/partners