bar graph showing that no change in the total fertility rate could lead to 42 million in 2050

Malawi Population Trends

The Population of Malawi is projected to nearly triple from 13.1 million (2008) to 42 million by 2050. Such a large increase in population will present enormous barriers to the country’s social and economic development. Managing population growth is essential to creating a healthy and economically sustainable future for Malawi. The Population and Development Unit […]

Parliamentary Caucus

Malawi First Lady launches Parliamentary Caucus on Population and Development The 27th of April 2017 was distinguished by a landmark event in the Malawi Parliament – the launch of the Caucus on Population and Development. The Caucus seeks to promote advocacy and legislative reforms aimed at tackling Malawi’s population and development challenges. The day-long event was attended […]

National Population Conference

Malawi holds First Population Conference Malawi conducted its first Conference on Population and Development, whose theme was Empowering, Educating and Employing Youth to Harness the Demographic Dividend and Achieve Sustainable Development in Malawi. It provided a platform to review the progress Malawi has made in addressing its population and development challenges and share related experiences […]