Malawi Population at 17.5 million: 2018 PHC preliminary results

Preliminary results for the 2018 Population and Housing Census puts the total population (de-jure) at 17,563,749 up from 13,029,498 in 2008.  The total population has grown by 35 percent between the 2008 and 2018.  The population for males is 8,521,456 representing 49 percent of the total population while the population for females is 9,042,293 representing 51 percent of the total population.

Malawi’s population density continues to grow while the land area remains static. During the 2018 PHC Malawi population density stood at 186 persons per square kilometer up from 138 in the 2008.  Southern region has the highest population density at 244 persons per square kilometer followed by the central region, 211 northern region 84.

A population of 8,894,534 are below the age of 18 representing 51 percent of the total population. 2,783,364 people live in the urban representing 16 percent of the population while the rest (14,780,385) live in the rural of the country representing 84 percent of the total population.  This indicates that  Malawi’s population is still predominantly rural based. Approximately the same number of male and female populations live in the urban, 1,385,218 and 1,398,146 respectively.  However, significantly more females live in the rural than men, 7,644,147 and 7,136,238 respectively.