bar graph showing that no change in the total fertility rate could lead to 42 million in 2050

Malawi Population Trends

The Population of Malawi is projected to nearly triple from 13.1 million (2008) to 42 million by 2050. Such a large increase in population will present enormous barriers to the country’s social and economic development. Managing population growth is essential to creating a healthy and economically sustainable future for Malawi.

The Population and Development Unit (PDU) of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development (MoFEPD) is mandated to coordinate population and development issues in Malawi. The PDU in collaboration with the national Technical  Working Group (TWG) on population and development:

  • Encourages all sectors to take responsibility for population management
  • Works to coordinate sectoral activities to manage population growth and strengthen overall efforts
  • Raises public awareness of population issues and strengthen advocacy efforts
  • Engages with stakeholders at all levels to change policy, attitudes, and behaviour
  • Works to increase understanding of the important linkages between population and development

In order to achieve these, the PDU in collaboration with TWG are guided by the National Population Policy and National Communication and Advocacy Strategy for Population and Development (2012-2016)

This website aims to raise the profile of the population agenda and development issues in Malawi. It is a resource centre for TWG members to share communication and advocacy materials on population and development including family planning.

TWG members are encouraged to share materials and information for the website. Managing population is everybody’s responsibility. Let’s join hands to contribute to achieving a healthy wealthy Malawi!