woman with baby carried on back

Malawi Registers Remarkable Fertility drop

woman with baby carried on back
Photo by Elizabeth T. Robinson

Concerted efforts by the Malawi Government and its partners have led to a decline in the number of children Malawian women are having in their life time from 5.7 to 4.4.

The Population and Development Unit (PDU) of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development (MoFEPD), recognizes that the development is as a result of various driving factors, that includes multisectoral coordination and implementation of the National Population Policy.

MoFEPD’s multisectoral approach includes engagement of key sectors such as Health, Education, Environment, Religion, Youth and others in scaling up of service delivery around planning of families, provision and access to Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) services, and research on population and development.

The Ministry believes that the integration of population dynamics into development plans, including the education curriculum have greatly achieved good results.