Policy work takes time. Much of the work takes place behind the scenes and, inherently, its outcomes are jointly owned by a wide range of stakeholders. As for the policies themselves—whether national-level legislation or clinical guidelines—the extent to which they affect positive change in communities is often not drawn in a straight line. For these reasons it is often difficult to demonstrate the impact of policy and policy work.

Malawi has put in place policies, strategies and guidelines to guide implementation of programs in various development areas. These strategic documents seek to attain the aspirations of the MGDS III (2017-2022)- the medium term strategy designed to contribute to Malawi’s long-term development aspirations. The strategy’s objective is to move Malawi to a productive, competitive and reselient nation through sustainable agriculture and economic growth, energy , industrial and infrastructure development while addressing water, climate change, environmental management and population challenges.

This Policy Page lists some of the policies and strategies that Malawi has put in place.